read Caution’s Heir, an enchanting and memorable journey to the period of Jane Austen, the English Regency era. Cautions Heir is a romp through the regency and a plethora of traditional romance riches to add to your collection.

Teaching a boor a lesson is one thing. 
Winning all that the man owns is more than Lord Arthur Herrington expects. Especially when he finds that his winnings include the boor’s daughter!

The Duke of Northampshire spent fortunes in his youth. The reality of which his son, Arthur the Earl of Daventry, learns all too well when sent off to school with nothing in his pocket. Learning to fill that pocket leads him on a road to frugality and his becoming a sober man of Town. A sober but very much respected member of the Ton.

Lady Louisa Booth did not have much hope for her father, known in the country for his profligate ways. Yet when the man inherited her gallant uncle’s title and wealth, she hoped he would reform. Alas, that was not to be the case.

When she learned everything was lost, including her beloved home, she made it her purpose to ensure that Lord Arthur was not indifferent to her plight. An unmarried young woman cast adrift in society without a protector. A role that Arthur never thought to be cast as. A role he had little idea if he could rise to such occasion. Yet would Louisa find Arthur to be that one true benefactor? Would Arthur make this obligation something more? Would a game of chance lead to love?

   This is the story of two characters found living in the Regency Era, our hero a member of the Ton and of Town, whilst our heroine is of the Country and had little thought of leaving it. The two come together and the Ton will never be the same again for it. In Cautions Heir we follow these two and are accompanied by many others, over the course of a few months as England finds its footing as the leader of the world.

   A Regerncy Romance that takes us on a journey where we are included in drawing rooms and country manor homes of our dramatis personae, delving deeper into what has brought our hero and heroine together, as well as what may ultimately tear them apart.

   With familiarity we see how a couple learns that joy is based on friendship and friendship come from respect. Our hero has been thinking of growing into the responsibilities that all men are asked to adopt, but suddenly thrust into the role of protector and benefactor can he handle the duties he is now faced with?

   And of our Heroine, she too shall be burdened with tasks she was never thought to have to face. Tested in a way most never face, her abandonment could be the greatest thing for her, or the very abyss.  Will the tests and trials of both bring them on a more solid footing, or destroy completely what feelings that are being engendered? 

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