Who’s Who and Where’s Where

Provided here are a list of the Dramatis Personae and place names of much of who is in the story, and where it takes place as a reference in case you as a reader find it a challenging to follow.

**Marquess of Rockingham-Founder of St. Leger Stakes
**Sir Thomas Lawrence-Painter
 Arthur St. John Beaulieu Herrington-Earl of Daventry
Duke of Northampshire-Father of Earl-William Arthur Henry Morgan Herrington


Honourable Mr Hector Booth
Lord Parkwell and Lady Anne-Neighbours
Mr Parkwell-A rapscallion of Hector's set

Lady Louisa Booth

Marquess of Hroek,  Booth
 Mr Smith-Grocer
 Mr Spotslet-Vicar
 Mrs Bottomworth
 Mrs McCaster-Laundress
 Sir Jeremy-Neighbour
 Sir Mark Watley-Neighbour
 Lady Walker-Neighbour

Aunt's Family-Lady Bartle
Baron of Innisvere-Husband of cousin of Daventry
Henry-Son of Lord Logan, closest male to Arthur
Lady Bartle-Daventry's Aunt
Lady Elizabeth Innisvere-Daughter of Aunt
Lord Brendan Logan--Third son of Earl of Logan--Married to daughter of Innisvere
Sir Jonathon Molls and Lady Sophie
Duke of Comstock
Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne
  Second son spills ratafia on coat of Daventry
Earl of Leith-A Good Match for a Husband

FRIENDS OF Earl if Daventry
Sir Jonathan "Jack" Ormsby of Credwell Manor north of Bath
The Honourable Eric Foresby, second son of the Earl of Mallet
Earl of Mallet
  Lord George Foresby, son and heir of Earl 
  Miss Baxter, girl he dropped
Lady Mallet
Lord Michael Wilson, Marquess of Greyhaven
Lady Margaret Wilson sister to the Marquess 
Lord William Mallersby heir to Viscount Hart

Sir Alfred-London Neighbour on Golden Square
Viscount Markham-London Neighbour on Golden Square
Lady Markham
Michael son of Viscount age 5

Staff at Golden Square
Mrs Hatch-Cook 
Steven-Valet of Daventry
New Staff
  2 footmen-John
  2nd cook assistant 
  2nd maid
  Coach Driver-Figgis
  Sarah Cook's assistant-Niece of Mr Holland

Vendors at Golden Square
 Mr Bell-Fishmonger
 Mr Fleming-Greengrocer
 Mr Holland-Butcher
 Mrs Baldercat-dressmaker
 Mrs Chessman-dressmaker

Lord Blackheath-owner of paper
Marquess of Dorchester deVere
  Eligible daughter-Anne deVere
  Lady Covington-her companion
Marquess of Livesly
Mr Catchpull at first car game
Mr Lawson at first card game
Sir Matthew Parker, East India Company
Viscount Montstowe-Bachelor in chapter 2
Sir Benjamin Marsh-Maternal grandfather of Earl of Daventry
 Francis/Frank owns gaming rooms-The Beau Monde

Belleton Hall-Duke of Northampshire Country Seat
Blandford Forum-nearest town to Hroek
Golden Square-Square in London where townhouse is
Hardingstone--nearest village to Belleton Hall
Hartswell, Viscount Harts home
Hroek Castle
Hroek Gatehouse
Merrismith and Wells Tailors
Oxford-Earls University
  Oriel College 
  St. Johns College
Pantheon Bazaar
St. Agnes Priory-Former Ducal holding of Northampshire
Stockwell Place-Country Seat of Daventry

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